úterý 26. září 2017

OOAK Lily and Elsie (EN)

Yesterday we had here pictures of both types of Draculaura - the pre-reboot one and the post-reboot one. Some people were asking what happened to those two, after I took their factory paints off. So... here you go: Elise and Lily!

The original factory paint

The creepy "empty face" pic

 And finally my sweet Lily

Lily got the dress from Draculaura's new fashionpack, but that dress had a blue belt and blue... wings... or whatever that things should have been. We removed those and we added a black lace a the top. 

And Elsie:

Her original face

Her "empty" face (even more creepy, isn't she?)

And her new face. I have to say it was way more difficult to paint her, than the orinal Lala. I don't know if I am just not used to paint her, or if the more defined eyes make it difficult.

Elsie got a brand new model from our shop - a striped sweet lolita style dress with black lace and with lolita headdress.

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