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Monster High Monstrous Rivals Draculaura + Moanica (EN)

Last year, the new after-reboot monster high dolls appeared at our shop. Even tho I don't like the rebooted dolls, I couldn't resist Moanica's side glance, so she went with me home - even tho the price was pretty high - more than 50 USD/ 46 EUR . There were 10 boxes of the set - and only this Moanica had no flaws (as I though, it turned out that her eyes are smudged and she has some bad flaws hidden under her clothes). But the Draculaura in this box has a really bad eye-flaw. If I were to choose a box where both dolls are pretty (just pretty, not even perfect!), I would have gone home without new dolls. Seems like it would be better for me, because I was really disappointed! I ended up returning the first set to the shop and I bought a new one few weeks ago, because it was on sale (more than 60%, so I was prepared to keep her even with flaws, for this price)

So, here is the "new style" box (I don't like it - I loved the coffin ones!)

Because I originally planned to resell the Draculaura, I didn't take her out of box, so I din't have much pictures (just this one - so you can see the eye flaw and the badly rooted pink hair), but since I bought a second set, I have more pictures of her.

Here is my newer Draculaura (She stayed at home, but not with this face. Not with this face!)

She has pink earrings (same ar Draculocker Lala, just in different color)

And matchnig bracelet.

And matching belt.

She has a simple pink purse, which can't be opened. It has a little bat as a handle and it has vampire fangs.

Sweet, but this one also has some dark stains and a bubble.

She wears a pretty pink-and-black dress wit bats' silhouettes.

Detail of the pattern

And wonderful black high boots. But... it was impossible to stand those on their own, so there is no way that Draculaura could stand in them.

And now for Moanica.

Moanica D'Kay is a new character and she is "the mean girl"... mean zombie.

Being evil as she is, she needs a side-glance and a little smirk.

Because she is a zombie, all her accessories are zombie, bones or things like that. Just like her bag.

It is made from a softer plastic than usual, and you can open it... but it looks... a bit weird.

She has matching boots to go with the bag. Pink and brainy...

And a belt in the same style.

The belt has two holes in the back. Not sure why.

And she also has a pink "double" necklace with ribscage

This one even has a "closure" at the back.

And to go perfectly eith the necklace, she has a ribcage bracelet.

And sweet worm earrings (same as in Ghoulia's Deluxe Fashion pack)


And now to Moanica's outfit.

 She has a gray vest with green and black stains...

... and a light yellow tank top with a pink, gray and green imprint of a ribscage and a heart...

... and black trousers with white stains.

Her hair is loight violet (wto different shades) with a neon-green streaks.

Even tho that she is made in Indonesia and her head is harder than usual, I haven't found any glue.Yay!
She has the "made in..." imprint on her lower back and she also has new undies - with little Skullettes. 

So... altogether: Draculaura - the doll is deffinitely "NOT!" for me, yet her outfit is a keeper. Moanica - I would give 10/10 for design, but 3/10 for the quality and so.

She has some weird holes on her chest (not that much visible in the pic, but really apparent in person)

She has a hole in her tight.

SHe has a light mark on her leg - and it wasn't there untill I bowed her knee.

Both outer ends of her eyes are smudged. She also has a minor lip chip - minor, but still...

And most importatnly, when you lefr her arm in the shoulder joint, it scratches the arm pretty badly.

I thougth that she was just a bad piece, but the new one I got has is as well (as well as two other Moanicas, that I had in hand). Even tho it's not that much bad as on the first ghoul, this deffinitely is not something that she should have had!

The bad is made out of two pieces, bur really poorly put together... how long do you think this will last?

Was there even a quality control?! I mean - I chosed this one out of ten, because the other ones were really bad (not just unsatifying, but really bad - one had a big black smudge under her nose, so she looke like she had a mustache!) and she is like this? For this price?! And I am supposed to give this to a child? Are they kidding me?

I haven't mention the new type of body yet- It's more curvy, less arched than the older one. And it has a new system of joints - so it's far less poseable. And she also has a new knee joints - the same one as "older sister" body has - yes, that one, which is so likely to break. And the new elbow joints with the "window" in the peg.

The newer body with the older (Circus Clawdeen is almost a perfect color match for Moanica)

And a side view

Regarding the poseability - it's worse than it used to be. It's stiffer, so II guess children will tend to use more force and the newer dolls will breake easily.

No problems with sitting. 

But with her hips... this is as far as she can get. And she refuses to stand more of the times, you just have to support her.

The same pose with the older body.

And for the transformation of Draculaura (both without the face paint, so you could see that more clearly)

The new Ula has a totally different shape - and even a different color.

Her eye sockets are deeper and more defined.

The older one was deffinitely more cute.

With bodies.

And from the back

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