středa 18. října 2017

Ever After High Faybelle Thorn (and Farrah Goodfairy) (EN)

Lately I managed to get both fairies of Ever After High - but both were second hand and so no box photo this time.
So, the first of them is Faybelle Thorn, the evil one.

Faybelle has a light purple-blue skin with a light pearl shimmer. She has violet eyes and teal and blue eyeshadows and brown eyebrows (really, why?!?) and pinky-coral lips.

 Around her right eye she has a remarkable paintings - like feathers.

Her hair is platinum blonde, tightened in a ponytail and she has a shorter strweak (partially in teal color) like a faux side-bangs, sewn to her head near her left ear.

She has a headband, partially hidden under her hair.

The headband is black, with black sticks and a teal ribbon.

Her earrings are silver magic wands, Her ears are a bit pointy.

She has a silver sing attached to a bracelet.

Neither of the makes a complete circle, they are both cut in the middle, so you can remove it without removing her hand, but you can loose it easily - that's why I kept the clear rubber bands on.

She has a silver ... well... maybe it's supposed to be a necklace? Anyway, it holds her wings in place.

Her wings are semi-transparent in blue color with pearl shine.

They look like this

She also has a silver purse in a shape of a pom-pom (becasue she is a cheerleader). It can't be opened.

She wears a longer black top with "fishnet" sleeves.

The front panel has blue, green and silver glitter ornaments, but the rest of the dress is simply black.

She has a dark blue leggings and tal boots with black laces.

And now whe have Farrah - a daghter of a good fairy and of the Blue Faiy from Pinocchio

I got Farrah not only opened, but also copletely naked, so I can write something only about the doll herself.
Here she is helping me with taking pictures of our new pink dresses and striped socks.

Farrah has light pink skin with a light pearl shine. She has pink lips, blue eyes, light blue eyeshadows with brown line and  brown lower eyelashes and eyebrows. The shape of her eyes is a bit different, just like if she was smiling too much, but I have to say I don't like it at all and I think it looks weird.

Under her left eye she has some blue stars. Her ears are not pierced.

Her hair is light blue with a few violet streaks and with parting on a side. And this poor girl has them completely greasy.

At first I thought that she has the same color as Drcubecca, but then I realised that the robogirl is darker and more shiny.

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