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Monster High Skelita Calaveras (EN)

In the Scaris series we could see three new characters for the first time: Catrine (white werecat from France), Jinafire (golden dragon from China) and Skelita (skeleton girl from Mexico).

Skelita's full name is Skelita Calaveras,which basicaly means that she is a daughter of Calavera. Calavera means literally "skull", but usually it means "sugar skull" or "sweet skull", which is a traditional decoration on "Día de Muertos". Calavera usually looks like a human skull with colorful floral and other ornaments painted on - and that's the look Skelita got (so far there were 5 releases of her)

Here is the box (Deluxe version of Scaris - containing the trolley-case)

ANd here is Skelita herself, out of her box - together with her trolley-case. I totally forgot to photogrpah it! It's pink with a painted white calavera skull at the back. It's handle is white and looks like a backbone. Another thing I totally forgot to photograph is her orange necklace.

So here she is - without her trollye-case and her necklace.

She has big brown eyes, pink lips and black and blue painting in a style of calaveras.

The paintingis ornamental and she has it even on sides of her face, but it usually is blurred. Of course, she has no ears, beacause she is a skleton - so she has no earrings as well.

She has black hair with a fer orange streaks at front. Part of her hair is tied in a ponytail. The front part of her hair (both orange and black) is curled into curles (which you can see in the first pic - the Skelita in the detailed photos was played with, so her hairstyle was destroyed long ago. And what's worse, her hair is so greasy!). 

She is wearing a black and dark gray dress with colorful lining at the neckline, and a colorful layered skirt over it.
Here is how the dress looks without the skirt.

And a back view.

The skirt has 3 layers and it is supposed to look like "Papel Picado" - a cut paper art from Mexico.

It has 3 layers, all sewn on a black fabric. Colored parts are white from the back. 

She has a brown belt with skulls. 

And a matching bracelet (which looks like it can be unfastened, but it actually can't).

And green strap shoes with brown heels.

You have probably realised that Skelita is a skelton. And unlike CAM Skeleton girl, she even has a skeletal body. Even her skeletal hands and feet are a bit different from the CAM girl - even the color (CAM is pure white, Skelita is more "bony" color)
So, here is a naked pic of her

And detail of her torso. I have to say that even tho I totally love her skeltal body, it's really hard to dress her in something so that she does not look weird. It seems like that was the reason that in the box, she has a clear plastic torso under her dress (almost the same one that is used to "fill" the dress in fashion packs or an extra fashion in the box). 

And here is a detail on her foot with her knee. (Detail of her hand can be seen pretty good on other photos, so I didn't make an extra one) 

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