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Monster High Electrified Silvi Timberwolf (EN)

In the new Electrified movie appeared a new character:  Silvi Timberwolf.

Silvi is a post-reboot doll, so in the box you can't find anything beside the doll herself - no stand, no brush, no diary and not even a purse. Not even a electric guitar (even tho that Silvi love those and that in the movie for the few seconds when you can see her "electrified" version - and it's really just a flash - she is playing the guitar). Considering the fact that in shops she is sold for more than € 27 / $ 32, this is pretty bad. And I still haven't mention the quality issues.

Silvi is a grey wolf

She has blue eyes with pink marks, vivid blue eyeshadows with magenta line, pink lips (with fangs) and her lower eyelashes are also pink (her upper ones are black, but mine has them a bit blurred). Unlike the other released werewolfs, Silvi has her nose painted in dark gray (mine has it pretty bad!) and even her eyebrows are gray. Wow!

Her hair is mostle light blue and crimped. They are made from nylon, which means they stay in the shape  - but even if you don't want to. Here is how they look when removed from the box - and it has been several days since then and they are still the same.

She has a parting on side and has a part of her hair tied under her right ear (and ssewn to the head).

The section of her hair is badly trimmed, as well as the rest of her hair (I fixed it before I took photos)

The rest of her hair is tied into a ponytail - and she has a magenta and neon green streak in her hair.

Around her ponytail she has a black hair ornament. Besides her earrings (asnd the weird collar-thing) this is her only accessory. Sad. The ornament is held in place with a clar rubberband.

Her earrings ar made from semi-transparent neon-magenta plastic and they have some crescents. Unlike the rest of the released werewolfs Silvi's ears are "fluffy". But her ears are pierced in the same bad way as the other dolls' - there is the excess of plastic at the back side of the ear, whcih you have to cut off. 

Silvi is wearing a one piece dress (it may look like two separate pieces, but it's sewed together) and over it she has a big plastic collar-thing.

The collar is made from the same plastic as her earrings, same color. It has a peg at the back, so it should be buttoned, but it wasn't in the box and even I couldn't do it. But I don't like it anyway, so I don't really mind. Maybe it would look good on some other doll, but I still haven't found her.

And here is Silvi without that thing

As I have already stated, her dress is a one piece.

The lower part is black "satin" with pink, yellow and blue wolfs. And for some reason, there is a bear (leftmost yellow creature in the pic).

The skirt is asymetrical and has a yellow plastic ruffle at the lower edge.

Over the dress Silvi has a vivid blue tattered jacket/vest 

At the back you can clearly see how are the things stitched together.

She wears sandals from a semi-transparent neon-yellow plastic.

The shoes has heels in shape of crescents.

Just like the post-reboot Clawdeen, Silvi has fur around her ankles

and wrists.

So to put it simply: This is pretty lame for the price they want for her. And for the poor quality.If she weren't on sale, I would deffinitely bought her - even tho I really wanted her from the first time I saw her promo pic. But there is nothing in the box to compensate for that silly price. Oh, yeah, she IS articulated... but... weren't the non-articulated doll made so that they could be cheaper? Not for the non-articulated ones to be for the price for the articulated and the new articulated ones to be about 20% more expensive than before and have nothing with them?!Moreover, the QC is pretty bad. If there even was any. This one was the only one at the shop, so I could not choose another one for this price, but overall I have seen about 8 of her and from those only one was like "Oh, I wouldn't mind having that one", but even that one was not perfect. Meh.
Moreover, I kinda think that her "electrified" version is a bit "too much" color-wise. I would totally loved more her "normal" version (with dark blue and light blue hair) [this pic I stole from the movie]

And I think she is the type for darker colors (her dress in her original form is black with pink and blue wolves, with pink jacket and black shoes). So here are two pics of my Silver in something less vibrant and more dark.

In set from Coffin Bean Draculaura

And in a dress from Inner Monster Add On pack

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