pátek 30. června 2017

I LOVE fashion Cleo (EN)

Sometimes you get a doll that you'd never expect to get. And this is the case of my new I love Fashion Cleo. I got her second hand and not complete, so today, there will be no "box" pictures and A list of things, that are part of the set, but which I don't have.

Cleo has nice and soft black saran hair, with bangs, the rest being tied in a ponytail. Her hair is all black, with teal streaks in the front part.

The back and lower part of her hair is just black.

She has her usual grayish-green eyes, silver eyeshadow under her eyes, green and glittery green above. (Her eyes would be much prettier if they werent printed so high above the eyesockets or if they were at leas symethrical.)

her lips are dark red color with a gradient color at the lower lip - just like basic Cleo and School Out (Indonesia) Cleo had. (Even her lips would have looked pretier if they weren't so badly painted!).

As other dolls from the "I <3 Fashion" series, Cloe should have 3 complete outfits. I got her just in her dress, but luckily, I also got some of her clotes some time ago from Indonesia - here they are, modelled by my two Toraleis, who look stunning in it!

Outfit No. 1: It's a light yellow/beige top with hieroglyphs, metalic pink miniskirt with bandages print and a black bolero jacket with black and gold lining. There should be a gold belt, black shoes (the same as Skull Shores Cleo, but in semi-transparent black) and triangle earrings (same as I <3 Shoes Cleo has, but in teal).  Jedná se o pískově žluté tílko se svislými čarami a s hieroglyfy.

Outfit No. 2: Overal with one long sleeve with bandages print. I am missing: one free bandage for her wrist, three triangle bracelets (just like I <3 Shoes Cleo has, just in gold), one semi-transparent green bracelet (most likely like the one from Ghouls Rule Cleo), teal boots (just like Scooter Ghoulia's, but in teal and with gold painted skullettes), sunglasses (like Gloom Beach Cleo has, but in black), belt (like Basic Cleo's, just in semi-transparent black), gold purse (just like Picture Day Cleo's, but in solid gold) and a top similar to basic Cleo's blue veil top.

Outfit No.3 is the one my Cleo is wearing. I miss just a black semi-transparent snake-necklace (like Mad Science Cleo). It consist of a teal-and-black vertically striped dress with a golden belt (the belt is the same as from Cleo's first fashionpack, just in gold). The teal part of the dress has bandages-prints.

The dress has long sleeves, little wider at the wrists, but with tight cuff. Moreover, this Cleo has a completely different type of hands than other Cleos - other than the basic MH hands and even other than "altered" hands for Cleo (which was first used in Gloom Beach line and recycled few more times).

You can see here the usual altered shape for Cleo (the lighter hands are Cleo's, the darker one is Clawdeen's).

The shape this I love Fashion Cleo has is the same as "altered Frankie's hands", which yiou can see here in Gloom Beach Frankie (repainted, but you can still see the hands).

Her shoes are the same as Ghouls Rule Cleo, just in solid gold

(but a different shade of gold from the same shoes in Cleo's reboot fashion pack - just for comparison)

In the same gold as her shoes are her "wing" earrings - same as I <3 shoes Cleo, just in different color.

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