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Dead Tired Cleo (EN)

Dead Tired Cleo was nmy second Cleo, khat I have ever bought.

Here are pictures of the original release

And here is the complete series (or at least the part that was available here in shops: Ghoulia, Frankie, Draculaura and Cleo. The complete set is missing Lagoona and Clawdeen, who were released together with their beds, but weren't sold here).

And here is the original Cleo

Last year we gor a re-release of Dead Tired - but just Frankie, Ula and Cleo - no Ghoulia, no Clawdeen, no Lagoona.

And here is the new box

And here is the inside of the box - you can see Ghoulia's brainpuffs and Cleo's night light.

And here is new Cleo. Even tho she has a hairbrush and her night lamp, she has no stand.

Untill the release of Boo York! Boo York, this Cleo was the only one without a bangs. Those two are the only pre-reboot ones without a bangs, but there are already five new ones wothout a bangs - of, course, because it's easier and cheaper, right?
So... her hair is long (and here you can see, how badly cut they are. Most of her hair is loose, she has just two little streaks tied at the back.

The hair is black with few brown streaks in the parting and with gold tinsel.

Cleo has her usual lovely eyebrows. Her eyeshadow are purple with darker line above her eye and brown under her eye. She has dark red lips. er diamond is light blue and she even has her usual egyptian eyelines.

As well as the rest of her series, she is wearing a pajama. This one is teal and yellow with bandages.

Her t-shirt is shorter, with yellow lining and it has some more yellow-green bandages, that the trouser doesn't have.

She has one more bandage on her arm - it is with the same pattern as her PJs, but it does not have a yellow lining.

She also has pants with bandage-print and with yellow lining..

She has a matching sleep mask - a yellow and teal striped one with teal lining. And with printed eyes. Cool!

It's attached on both sides of her head with little plastic Ts, so you have tu cut it off, if you want to put it on her eyes. But this is how it looks.

I don't know why, but this one has some weird brown stains on the rubber band.

Unlike the other ghouls in this series, Cleo (as a royal ghoul) has a piece of jewelery - a simple gold chocker.

As the other ghouls, she is wearing fluffy slippers - hers are greenich teal with golden crowns. And they also have a snake tongue.

She also has a night lamp (because we all know that Cleo is afraid of the dark). You can open the pyramid and it becomes light. But beware, when you are closing it - I tried it for the first time and the handle almost broke (you can still see the white marks it left)

And some more info. The original release did not have any glue in her head - this one has a lot if glue. Awful, yuck glue. You can just pull the tinsel hair out of the head of the original one with no effort, but if you try with this one, the tinsel will just break. So I had to use scissors and blades to cut if of and it took me about an hour to get it out of her hair ( and it's still not perfect). But nevertheless, here she is, without the tinsel (and most of the brown hair) and in a new "warrior set" I made.

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