pátek 28. července 2017

Dead Tired Ghoulia (EN)

Dead Tired Ghoulia is one of my all-time favourites.

She was also the first Ghoulia I have ever bought.
Here are pictures of the box, but since I didn't know that there would be so many Monster High dolls, I haven't taken proper photos of the box, so at least here is one together with Frankie.

EDIT: I managed to found pictures of the box after all.

And here is the complete series (or at least the part that was available here in shops: Ghoulia, Frankie, Draculaura and Cleo. The complete set is missing Lagoona and Clawdeen, who were released together with their beds, but weren't sold here).

Last year we got a re-release of Dead Tired - but just Frankie, Ula and Cleo - no Ghoulia, no Clawdeen, no Lagoona.

And here is Ghoulia (old) with Frankie and Ula (both new)

And Ghoulia

It's her third edition, she has hair almost the same as basic, just atone side, she has a shorter part of hair, (originally sewen to her head). She has parting on the other side than her basic release and she has less darker streaks.

She has the same "retro" glasses like basic, just in red. They have a little Skulette at the side (and you can see the shorter part of her hair here).

Underneath her glasses, Ghoulia has her signature eyebrows. She has silver and light pink eyeshadows and peach lips. She has her glasses on her faces, which made little dents at her nose, but if you rinse her few times with hot water, it would be OK.

As well as the rest of her series, she is wearing a pajama. Hers is whote with bright red blood stains. Fantastic!

Her top is shorter, with black ribbons that look like suspenders - which, together with a red bow (Bowties are cool!) pays tribute to her geek-chic style.

She has matching trousers with a short black skirt (it's all just one piece).

Unlike the others, she has no fastening at the back.

She has a matching sleep mask with black lining. It was attached on both sides of her head with little plastic Ts.

As the other ghouls, she is wearing fluffy slippers - hers are red with black glasses - just like Ghoulia's. And with vampire fangs.

She also has a bag of "Brain Puffs", Sleep-over card, red bruch and red stand, but I used a new second-hand one for this pictures, so she was missing all of these.

In the end, I was able to found one pack of Brain Puffs after all,. Itš plastic red cone with a cardboard box.


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