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Ever After High basic Cerise Hood (EN)

The first line of EAh characters got at least 5 reedition (as far as I know) - mostly the characters of Apple, Raven, Madie and Cerise, partialy Briar, Blondie and Cupid. There are both Indonesia version and Chinese version, and - depending on the character -  they look a bit different in each release.

Here she is in a box.

And a try on getting a boxart detail... with an intruder.

The pics of the box and some of the following pictures are pictures of my original Cerise for my collection; the details are taken from a newest reedition I got especially to customize her. Here you can see how different their faces and expressions are.

Cerise is a daughter of a Little Red Riding Hood, so her signatue color is red and she always has something like a hood and a kind of a basket. (This is her purse and it can't be opened)

Cerise's skin is a bit darker than other girls' and shi is a bit taller (even tho, unlike Monster High, her body and feet size are the same as with normal sized girls).
Here is Cerise with Apple (a "standart" sized girl)

And here with Madie (who is shorter)

She has light blue-gray eyes, brown and gray eyeshadows and pink lips with gold dots.

She has long brown hair with gray streaks and she has bangs.

She wears a red and black patterned shirt with black lace sleeves and with asymetrical black tulle double-ruffle at the bottom.

Over the dress, she has a brown belt with three buckles and two chains.

The belt is wide and it has two "buttons" at the back.

She has gray "crackled" leggins and brown shoes, which goes well with the belt.

The shoes and the belt are great pieces, but I think the color and the lack of painted details doesn't do the justice, so I decided to paint them. Here you can see how it could have looked.

Over her dress,s he wears a red cape with a hood. The hood has a hole at the back, so she can fit her hair there.

It is secured by a plasti T attached to her head.

But this thing made a lot of problems in the past - because the yucky glue from her head used to rise along the plasting and began to seeping int the hood, which made ther an yucky terrible stans, that I could not get rid off. And as you can see, she used to have ten (really TEN!!!) plastick T stick through her head (which also made holes into the hood).

But in the recend reedition, you don't have to worry about this, because she has a very little of glue in her head and and she this: A little plastic cover (probably for the hood to maintain a good shape).

The cape has Lthree chains" at the front...

which can be opened at one side. It also has a tulle lining and it is hitched up.

At the back, it has a imprint of black branches.

And as every basic EAH dolls used to have, she also has a ring. A red oone with a big "gem".

And also a black bracelet with two buckles. She doesn't have pierced ears, but her ears have a bit different shape - they are a little bit pointier. Why? You can see that in the show!

And if someone was interested what happened to the doll from pictures, because I said I wanted to customize her - here she is: A Gypsy Prophet.

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