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Monster High Amanita Nightshade (EN)

Amanita Nightshade got her signature release together with "Gloom and Bloom" series, but not exactly as part of the series. Even so, her box looks just like a deluxe edition box of G&BCleo and Jinafire, just with a silver "signature" of Amanita on the back foil of the box.

And here she is: Amanita, the "corpse flower",  or a bit of "fleur du mal" if I should say it like this. In the story, she is a mean girl, who sleeps for 1500 years. She likes to party, she loves fashion - and she ows Cleo a dress that she borrowed 1500 years ago.

Because Amanita is basically a flower, just like Venus, she is green. Well, just to be honest, she just looks like a "goth" version of Venus. And because she is a flower, the background of her box looks like a greenhouse. And because she is a vainglorious flower, the greenhouse is full of her photos. And because - like we all know - Lorna like to photobomb a lot, here is also one picture of Amanita with Lorna!

She has a purple eyes, green eyeshadows with silver glitter, purple eyebrows, light purple lips and dark purple streaks in dark blue hair.

Around her eyes, she has a motif of leaves and offsets.

She has a big black hairpiec in shape of a black flower with offsets, tied to her hair with a clear rubber band.

She has blac earrings with papyrus flower

and black bracelet with thorns.

Even her necklace (mostly hidden under her upper dress) is made from offsets and thorns.

She has a black purse with flowers. It can be opened.

Even her shoes are black with leaves and offsets. They tend to fall from her feet, so they are secured with clear rubber bands. On her ankles, she has a ornament from green leaves and offsets and with a big deeep purple flower. Kind of extravagant, but it suits her and it fits perfectly into the "Gloom and Bloom" series.

As a modern ghoul, she has a black iCoffin.

It may not seem like it, but she wears two sepatrate dresses. This dress may look like a strap-less green top with leaves-imprint and a faux-leather black miniskirt, but it's a one piece dress.

The overdress is from a semi-transparent fabric with black ruffles.

In front, the dress is almost opened, and it has a few gores all around - with green and black imprints and with violet ruffles.

At the back, it has a slit, that looks almost like if she was supposed to have a tail.

And few more pics:

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