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Ever After High Dragon Games Holly O'Hair (EN)

The edition of dolls made for Ever After High movie "Dragon Games" included 6 dolls in totall. In the "Normal" edition there were: Holly, Darling and Raven

one in special edition: Mirra Shards

And one in edition with a big Dragon - Apple White (pic stolen from internet)

And one very special edition - Poppy with a little dragon, which seems almost impossible to find.  (Picture stolen from Wallmart's site, as she was their exclusive)

And here are my "normal"girls

I decided I would start with Holly:

At the back of the box, there is a pic of Holly with her dragon and some info about him

And here is detail of the pic

From the side of the box, there is a panel with dragon scales.

In this series, every girl got her own shield (Which is too small for the doll, I think, but a child can wear it as a ring)

And here is how these rings look from the back - the big ring is for the child, the smaller hook is for doll's fingers.

And each doll has her own "dragon book" -  The front page is a pic of her dragon on a cardboard, the rest is on normal paper and contains some info about Dragon Games and so on.

Here is Holly's set

And detail of her ring - it's in gold color, in shpae of a heart and with two towers in shape of initial H.

But it really is too small for a doll as a shield. And it is also too small as a ring for my finger.

Here is Holly without it.

Holly has light magenta and gold eyeshadows with peach lips with pearl touch.

Unlike in the movie, she has no "war paint" on her face.

She has a "crown" with a painted purple gem in the centre.

The crown is decorated with flowers and with few more gems, which are not painted. It is attached with two plastic Ts (the crown has holes for this purpose) and it is secured in place with a clear rubber band. (You can see in this pic that Holly doesn't have much hair, which is kinda an irony)

On the other side of her head, she has the crown hidden under a part of her hair. She has ginger hairwith parting on right side and tied in a ponytail on left side of her head - tied with two more black rubber bands.

Being a dragon rider obviously means wearing some shoulderpads. With some flower decor, if you are a princess, of course.

There is a button peg at the back.

And there is a belt fotm some ropes, which is in same style and color as the crown (the shoulder pads have a slightly different color)

And a big bracelet

And a smaller bracelet. Both are full circle-braceltes, so it means you have ro remove her hands if you want to take them down.

In the same color and style are Holly's high riding boots with painted magenta flowers.

And without all the armor pieces, Holly looks like this

She has a strapless top in magenta color with goled paint - which makes it look like a chainmail or a dragon scale armor.

At the back of the top, there is a sort of veil, made of magenta tulle with golden imprints. 

And here is a detail of the goold oirnaments - they are from the inner side of the veil.

She has a similar golden ornament on her knee-high purple leggins.

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