úterý 25. dubna 2017

Ever After High Mira Shards (Evil Teenage Queen) (EN)

So I finally got her. I really wanted and looked for her everywhere for months. She wasn't here in shops - even tho she DOES HAVE czech texts on her box. I am really sad that we got only a part of some series and some series we won't get at all. I mean, for example from Great Scarrier Reef - we got only 5 dolls from 8 in totall (even tho at least 6 got their inscriptions in czech).

Mira in her box (you can see the czech text there, can't you?)

And a detail of her fantastic boxart

And here she is

She has dark purple lips, light purple eyes and violet eyeshadows with glitter

She has a sort of a crown on her head, which is attached with two plastic Ts with a bit of a clear plastics. The crown is unusually soft.

I think that her earrings could have been better. I mean, something less "boring" for the Evil Queen, don't you think?
Her hair is in magenta on top and with dark purple streaks at the bottom. What a fantastic color! She has them tied in a ponytail, but she has a little hair bump in front (she has a little pad under herhair attached with plastic Ts).

She has a unusual black and white dress with some sort of armor and a belt.

Her armpads with collar are from softand bendable plastic. They are secured in place with clear rubber bands, but I don't think it is necessary.
The top of the dress is made from stretchy black matherial with black printed ornaments, that look a bit like scales.

Her belt is blackn and it is also attached with a clear rubber band (really, no need for that).
The upper "half-skirt" is made from black lace with black rubber ornaments. Under that, she has a pure white skirt and under that a  bit longer black skirt with silver pattern, which is not a full skirt, but a tulle under-skirt with a lining.

A bit "naughty" picture of the under-skirt

And this is the dress without the belt and the armor.

On both wrists, she has something between a ring, bracelet and gloves. It does not stay in place much and she can't move her hands much.

And finally her black shoes. Aren't they fantasic? Just so "evil" and so "dragon". The only bad thing is, that without the rubber bands, the "offsets" doesn't cling to her legs at all.

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