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Ever After High Dragon Games: Raven Queen (EN)

The edition of dolls made for Ever After High movie "Dragon Games" included 6 dolls in totall. In the "Normal" edition there were: Holly, Darling and Raven

one in special edition: Mirra Shards

And one in edition with a big Dragon - Apple White (pic stolen from internet)

And one very special edition - Poppy with a little dragon, which seems almost impossible to find.  (Picture stolen from Wallmart's site, as she was their exclusive)

And here are my "normal"girls

The las one is Raven (because it's almost impossible to get Poppy and because Aplle is so expensive and has painted legs and not leggins - yuck!)

At the back of the box, there is a pic of Holly with her dragon and some info about him

And here is detail of the pic

From the side of the box, there is a panel with dragon scales.

In this series, every girl got her own shield (Which is too small for the doll, I think, but a child can wear it as a ring)

And here is how these rings look from the back - the big ring is for the child, the smaller hook is for doll's fingers.

And each doll has her own "dragon book" -  The front page is a pic of her dragon on a cardboard, the rest is on normal paper and contains some info about Dragon Games and so on.

And here is Raven's set

Her ring is in silver color and in shape of a shield with her initial R and with dragon scales, ravenm feathers and some chains.

And here is Raven

Raven has silver and metailc purple eyeshadows, light purple eyes and dark purple lips with pearl touch.

The pearl shine is not on all her lips, it leaves a darker line all around her lips.

She has no "war paint" like in the movie.

Her hair is tied into a side ponytail, a shorter part of her hair is tied at the side to make a fringe of some sort.

Her hair is unusually colorful - more violet and purple streaks than black ones. And at the back, she has even some teal streaks.

She has "shackles" and chains on her ponytail (the shackle have a peg so you can attach the chains to it. Chains are made from a softer plastic)

Being a dragon rider obviously means wearing some shoulderpads. With some gems and raven feather, if you are a daughter of evil queen, of course.

They have a button at the back.

She also wears some chains - just "clik it" around the neck and with a button at the back, just like a belt.

She has one huge decorated arm-band (bracelet?). It is a full circle one, so if you want to take it off, you have to take her hand of. But it is way lighter than her armor and shoulder pads (even tho it has the same color as the chains in her hair)

In the same color and style as her shoulder pads are Raven's high riding boots with a lot of painted feathe buckles...

... and a fantastic dragon heel!

And without all the armor pieces she looks like this

The top is made from black stretchy fabric with rainbow imprint of feathers. It has a asymetrical skirt.

The skirt is shorter ona one side, longer at the other. It is made from black fabric, which is silver from the top side.

She has a black almost knee-high leggins with purple metal ornaments.

And here are some more info-pictures. Here is Raven with her hair down. Not bad, but since the hair was tied up for a long time, so it stickes out. It would need a boulwash or something like that to look good.

And here she is with her hair tied.

And here is Darling with hair down, her shoulder-pads and Darling's armor and bracelet.

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