pátek 28. dubna 2017

Monster High Gory Fangtell (EN)

The vampire girl named Gory appeared at first in the movie "Fright on!" in 2011, and she was kind of a antagonist to the main characters - but she was interesting and funny, so I wanted her. But it was obvious, that Mattel won't release her, so I had to make my own. My first Gory was made from Skull shores Draculaura (with complete repiant, cut hair and the pink streaks replaced with darker ones) and she got her own customized box from Skull Shores Frankie, so I new that Gory will have to be a Skull Shores edition. So she got her swimsuit. 

Here she is in her box.

And out of the box, sunbathing (of course with a sun filter 500)

And a little fashion show

And here (once again in the box) in display in Dollsland Gallery in Prague.

And because I am not thhe only one who likes Gory and who would like to have her as a doll (despite her character kids love her), I made a second one for my friend (this time from Die-ner Draculaura).

Luna's dress and Clawdia's jacket with Bee's shoes are almost perfect for Gory. 

And a few details of her face

And here a pic of her with another "rejected" character.

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