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Ever After High Blondie Lockes basic (EN)

In the basic series of the first  Ever After High characters, there was a basic edition of Blondie Lockes, daughter of Goldilocks, the girl from a story of "Goldilocks and three bears"

At the back side, you can see the resto of the series: Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman, Apple White and Cerise Hood.

Each doll from the basic series used to have a stand (similar one to Monster High stands, just the base is in shape of a lock) and a hairbrush (in shape of a key) - Blondie's are in gold color.

And each doll has a diary in form of a bookmark. Here are Apple's (red with an apple), Briar's (pink with rose) and Blondie's (Blue with a bear).

And inside it loooks like this

So... according to her name, Blondie is a blondie. She has golden lockes almost to her knees.

In her hair, she has a big blue bow with a bear ín the middle.

The bow is actually a headband - and she a part of it hidden under some of her hair.

Blondie has big blue eyes, pink and golden eyeshadows and peach lips with silver dots. Unlike most of other EAH girls, her lower eyelashes are brown, not black.

She wears a loli-style dress.

The top is from a light yellow stretchy fabric with blue imprint of keys, painted buttons and a yellow ribbon. It has a blue tulle lining at the neck and as sleeves.

The skirt is made from a "satin" fabric with a lot of ornamental imprints. At the bottom, there is a little black ribbon with tea cups and tea spoons, the rest are ribbon-framed cameos of three bears.

Blondie has blue stockings and black shoes with brown "fur". The shoes have bows at the front and the heel is in a shape of a key.

These shoes have some really nice details, but you can't see them, because they are just black... So I decided to paint them.

Even her prurse is in a shape of a heart-shaped lock. It can't be opened at all.

And even her ring is heart-shaped lock.

And the lock-key-bear combo is also on her earrings...

... and on her bracelet

If you want to see some comparison pics with Apple, you can see them in Apple's post.

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