čtvrtek 30. března 2017

Whooliope (Custom Gooliope) (EN)

Gooliope Jellington, who made ehr first appearence in the Freak du Chic line, is amazing. She is tall (because she is a giant), approx. 43 cm/17 inches tall, and she has double joints! Yay! But she is awfully pink. Moreover, her hair is also pink and yellow, which is too much for me - so I got a second one to customize her. Here is how she looked originally.

Then she looked like this.

And then she got a new face and fur wig- Let me introduce you Wooliope!

Wooliope needed new clothes, because she is so big, that she can't wear other's clothes.

And because these dress didn't go well with her original shoes, she needed a new pair - made just for her.

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