úterý 28. března 2017

Monster High Basic Twyla (EN)

As a apart of a "13 Wishes" edition, we got a basic edition of Twyla.

Twyla is a daughter of a boogeyman - the one who dwells under child's bed and who puts nightmares into their dreams. So her main motifs are spiders, dust, dreamcathers... and also doors, knobs and locks.

She is smaller than most of other Monsters - just like Howllen. She also has a smaller feet.

Twyla has a light purple skin with gray hands and part of her forearms

and some "crawling shadows" marks on her legs. These prints are different in each of her edition.

She has a mint-colored har down to her hips, with a bangs in the front, and in the parting, she has dark blue and purple streaks.

 She has green eyebrows (even tho itš way darker than her hair, itš still bettter than brown!), pink and purple eyes (which glows in the dark!). Her lower eyelashes are purple, she has light green and light pink eyeshadows and her lips are pink with pearl shine.

She wears a short shirt with a 3/4 sleeve with a black colar and a bow.

 Her shirt is deep purple with black stripes and spiders.

She has a black "satin" layered skirt - black with mint ornamental imprint and with black ribbon belt. Each layer also has a ruffle from violet tulle.

In fact, the skirt is made from the tulle as well and the layers are just sewn there.

Her shoes are purple with ornamental black heel and a little platform. They are tied at the front with mint laces with little spiders.

Twyla has no necklace. Her earrings are silver - a door knob with a keyhole.

On one hand, she has 3 simple-rings as bracelets - two light purple, one black.

On the other hand, she has a mint colored dreamcatcher with spiders.

In same color,s he has a belt with a skull and spiders.

We can find a dreamcatcher even on her old-school purse. Itš dark purple with a black handle and with mint colored dreamcatcher at the front.

The purse can be opened (and you can fit in all her jewellery)

And most editions of a new character also include a pet - so here is Dustin - a pittle purple bunny with a button eye.

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