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Ever After High Meeshell Mermaid (EN)

Meeshell Mermaid is a daghter of Little Mermaid, but she probably inherited legs from her father.

At the back of her box, you can see the other two from the same series: Jillian Beanstalk and Nina Thumbell

 Meeshell is a mermaid, but she has no tail - just a fishtail skirt, but she has a lot of sea creatures all over.

 Meeshell has bright blue eyes, pink lips and pink-yellow-blue eyeshadows. But what I don't like much about her is the thick dark eyebrow. She has pink and violet hair, why does she have a dark brown eyebrows?!

On the side of her face, she has two pink stars and three blue ones, but she has a kind of a glittery thing all over it. I don't like it and I would like to remove it, but it would remove the stars, part of her eye and eyebrow as well.

She has a crown-like headband, made of pearly-white plastic. It has a lot of sea creatures on it, but only one shell is painted with gold color (but the pearls are painted gold as well). For those who are interested, I looked at it really closely and I found shells, starfish and coral. 

The headband is on one side stuck under a little twist she has.

Her hair is long, on the top and at the front, it's a mix of magenta with a light pink, the rest is a mix of two purples.

From the same matherial as her headband are her shoes. They are pearly-white and have such amazing details that it's such a shame that they are not painted. The heels are in shape of fish tails and there are also shells, starfish and pearls.

She doesnť have much accessories - her ears are not pierced and therefore she has no earrings, she has no ring (even tho basic editions used to have rings T_T), she has no necklace, but she does have a lovely bracelet with a mermaid and a flower? Or a starfish? 

She also has a sort of shoulder board? Anyway, it's gold, asymetric and it has a lot of shells, snails, starfishes and a red painted coral.

 It fits her well... until she lifts her arms.

It has a "starfish-lock" at the back.

And the last of her accessories is a little purse in vivid-blue color with a seahorse, shell, sea snails and a starfish.

It can't be opened, but it has a hole on top

Without the golden shoulder-piece, she looks like this.

At first look, you could think that she has a top and a skirt. No, she doesn't - she has a one piece dress. The top is made from red stretchy fabric. Not sure if I like it or not... I thought it's just a t-shirt and I wanted to give her something pink, teal, purple or white instead :/

The skirt is a fishtail skirt made from a stretchy teal fabric with rainbowy scale imprint. It also has a glittery tulle "fins".

And the back of the dress looks like this.

She has no stand and no diary - just a little carboard card.

I love the M on the back of the card!

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