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Monster High Sweet Screams Ghoulia (EN)

After a really long chase I finally got a Sweet Screams Ghoulia - one of the last ones for my Ghoulia collection (now I am missing only  the SDCC one and the one from a duo pack with Slo Moe)

So here she is - and I have to thank to my awesome friends for helping me get her!

The Sweet Screams series is all about "sweet nightmares", so all the designs are about sweets and candies.

Ghoulia has darker hair than usual. She has blue hair with darker streaks. She even has a blue eyebrows (finally!). And of course, she has glasses. These are blue with red jelly-worms.

Even her  earrings are red jelly-worms.

And here we have her without her glasses. Just like other dolls from this series, Ghoulia has an unusual make-up. She has blue eyebrows, red lips, pink and yellow "sweet" eyeshadows and one onw side, she has some unusually painted eyelashes. Even her irises are painted differently.

She has a green headband with a bear and worms and a pink-painted jelly-brain.

Her shoes are made fromthe same green seen-through plastic, painted red here and there. These are sandals with lacings.

The same red-green we can see on her teddy-shaped purse (which can't be opened).

The green slime (with blue slime) and with a jelly-worm and blue and red bubbles make her belt.

A green jelly-worm is also her bracelet.  It goes well with her licorice wristband-cuff.

The writsband-cuff is similar to the one on her other hand, but not the same. Just like other dolls from this series, she wears gloves - but hers are just plain black ones, just to her wrist. They are the same as any other hands, so they can be replaced with any other hands, if you don't like them.

Black, blue and red bubbles also make her necklace.

Ghoulia's dress is i one-piece. The top is made from black stretchy fabric with vertical stripes. It also has a red and blue colar and ruffle-like sleeves. The dress has a few layers of skirts. The upper one has a asymetrical shape, is light blue with red and yellow jelly-worms.

The other layers are: two blue tulle skirts with tattered edges, one black tulle skirt with tatteret edge and one short simple black skirt.

(She also has a candy version of Sir Hoots-a-lot, but I forgot to take a pic of him, so I will add the picture later)

All I can say is that I totally love this Ghoulia - just like other ghouls from this series. All of their outfits and accessories are so detailed and really "in-theme".

And here is one pic of a redressed Ghoulia

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